Our restaurant-bar "Cime del Baldo", with a wide terrace, is situated in the mountain station of the cableway.

The Self - service restaurant offers typical dishes of the mountain in summer season (April-October) and in winter (December-March).


We have local dishes of the typical Venetian mountain cuisine.
Our restaurant is
suitable for business lunches, dinners and Wedding parties. It also offers special prices for groups.



You can reach us from the BRENNERO Highway, exit ROVERETO SUD or AFFI, direction LAGO DI GARDA. Otherwise from the MILANO-VENEZIA highway, exit PESCHIERA DEL GARDA and then up the easter shore of GARDA Lake.

Important aspects you will find when you come to visit us

The Monte Baldo Cableway

The new cableway, with rotating cabins, carries tourists from Malcesine  to Monte Baldo, in just ten minutes and opens up a world of panoramic and fascinating excursions for all nature lovers.

To enjoy the panorama from the top of Garda Lake there is nothing better than a trip with the Malcesine cableway.

In just 10 minutes you overcome a drop of over 1700 mt and you get to the top of Monte Baldo at an altitude of 1800 mt. From here, several path suitable for all hikers will lead you to discover this wonderful mountain.

Monte Baldo is a spectacular panoramic terrace over the Garda lake, with views of the pre Alps and the Po plain up to the majestic Dolomites.

The modern station, with a large parking and elevators, makes it easy to travel even to those who have problems. Indeed it can carry gliders and bicycles.

The valley station of the Malcesine cableway features a covered parking with 200 parking spaces.

From here, the access to the boarding plan is simplified by elevators connected also with the bus terminal, which eliminates any architectural barrier.

The cableway of Malcesine has an unique feature: in the second section the cabin, it rotates on itself offering a 360° vision and the sensation of flying.

The installation of the cableway in Malcesine on Garda Lake is one of the most modern in the world, built in a record time, inserted into the environment and able to meet the expectations of tourists and hikers.

The Monte Baldo cableway installation is divided into two sections: the first, Malcesine - San Michele is 1512 mt long and 463 mt hight; the second, San Michele-Monte Baldo is 2813 mt  long and 1187 mt hight. The scope is 600 people per hour with cabins from 45 and 80 seats and security is truly exceptional: the plant is able to operate even under adverse conditions and at night.


The Garda Like

Garda Lake is the largest lake in Italy; it has a surface of 370 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 346 metres.

With its long narrow neck between the steep rocks of the
banks, it has always amazed travelers who have described the colors, forms, splendors and reflections.
The influence of
climate allows the coexistence of many different natural environments, from the Mediterranean area to the pastures and rocks of the highest peaks. For this reason Monte Baldo has earned the nickname "The Garden of Europe ", genuine link between  the Alps and the Mediterranean.


Malcesine is situated on the eastern shore of  Garda Lake, sorrounded by the ancient walls of the Scaligero castle, built  in 1500, and is famous for the historic Palazzo dei Capitani. It conserves its medieval origins and the typical Mediterranean appearance of buildings facing on its small port, which both struck the imagination of Goethe. The climate is always mild and warm, tourists can enjoy wonderful walks in the hills and the high mountains among olive groves and lush mediterranean vegetation in any season.



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Cime del Baldo

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